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Developed by VINNO JSC


The CM500IP Install Profiler is a DOCSIS cable modem, digital video and cable TV installation meter. It enables users of any skill and experience level to improve the quality of high-speed data services, increase productivity, and reduce costly secondary truck rolls.

Comprehensive Digital and Analog Testing is Simplified

Even a novice can qualify and troubleshoot an installation using the CM500IP's programmable "SMART" (selectable measurement automated routine tests) one-button automated tests. The supervisor controls the desired measurements to be performed by selecting from a suite of cable modem, digital video and analog tests. Pass/Fail limits are set for combined tests at each selected location. The CM500IP automatically compares the test results to the limits criteria and provides easy to interrupt color bar graphs with Pass/Fail indicators. Experienced installers can use (supervisor enabled) detail screens to view comprehensive measurement results. 

The CM500IP provides a suite of analog and digital measurement capabilities automatically switching between analog and digital mode to measure quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and digital signal impairments (average power level, MER, pre/post FEC BER and the upstream and downstream data transfer rates). Included is a full-featured signal level mode that spans a comprehensive set of measurements. The Sub Band option provides an upstream spectrum display and the ability to measure "bursty" TDMA upstream signals, ingress, noise and CPD (common path distortion). 

Hukk Tough and Field Proven Technology

Weighing only 3 pounds (1.4 kg), the CM500IP is housed in a field proven, rugged, and reliable chassis that can withstand the rigorous environment common to field installation. In addition, with the CM500IP's full color display and easy to interrupt color bar graphs with Pass/Fail indicators, installers can determine at a glance whether the connection meets minimum requirements.

The new CM500IP Install Profiler provides cable operators and their contractors the right tool to generate increased productivity, exceed subscribers' quality expectations, and meet the growing demand for new high-speed data service installations. 


  • "SMART One Button" tests with programmable Pass/Fail Limits - puts you in control of the tests that need to be performed guarantees they are performed consistently and within acceptable parameters

  • Color Screen provides easy to interpret Bar Graphs and Pass/Fail indicators - ensures that even a novice can perform the necessary test that lead to a quality high speed digital service installations

  • Automated or manual test data storage, retrieval and upload - lets you gather the important information you require to proactively manage your most important new revenue stream as well as your classic services

  • Proven "Hukk tough" chassis with all the digital experience you need built right in - ensures your test dollars are invested wisely and your training requirements are kept to a minimum


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