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Developed by VINNO JSC

  SDH, PDH, T-carrier, Jitter, Wander, Pulse Mask, service verification, and ATM Testing capabilities are now available in a powerful, compact, and comprehensive handheld test set - the SunSet SDH. The SDH is perfect for bringing new circuits into service and troubleshooting problems with in-service circuits in the field.



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  SunSet SDH home

SunSet SDH brochure (PDF, 4.09 MB)



SunSet SDHSDH Testing Capabilities

Don’t let the unit’s small size fool you - the SunSet SDH offers extensive features for SDH testing and analysis. With the SunSet SDH, operators can access the SDH network at the optical or electrical interface, including STM-0/1 electrical and STM-1/4 optical. The SunSet SDH supports full ITU-T mapping for VC11, VC12, VC3, and VC4. Comprehensive SDH errors and alarms are conveniently sorted by near-end and far-end, regenerator section, multiplexer section, and high order and low order path, complying with ITU-T recommendations. Tests range from simple verification of optical power level and frequency to advanced features like overhead control/decode and  multiplexer testing.

SDH Overhead Control and Decoding

The SunSet SDH allows the user to easily access the entire regenerator section, multiplexer section, and high and low order path overhead to monitor and test the SDH network. Important network properties such as parity (B1, B2, B3, and BIP-2), protection switching (K1,K2), pointers (H1-H2), and network status and alarms (M1,S1,G1) are readily available. The user can also view network traces (J0,J1,J2),labels (C2,V5),communications channels (D1-D3,D4-D12),and user-defined messaging (F1,F2). Order Wire testing is available through E1 and E2 bytes for talk/listen applications.

  • Verifying network continuity with BERT analysis

  • Easily detecting SDH errors/alarms with LEDs and well-organized results screens

  • Confirming proper frequency and power level

  • Monitoring of pointer movement in the network and adjusting pointer values to stress network elements

  • Identifying network synchronization problems by connecting the external clock input to the synchronization timing source of the network

  • Checking the network’s automatic protection switch (APS) function and measuring network switchover time.


In-Service Monitoring


Add/Drop Tests


The unit can be used to test an ADM (Add and Drop Multiplexer) by connecting both ports to the ADM and verifying the mapping/demapping process. With the SunSet SDH, the user will be able to insert/drop to/from an AU4 or AU3 structure, an external/internally generated PDH, or a T-carrier tributary.

The SunSet SDH transmits a PDH/T-carrier signal (ie. 2 Mbps) to the ADM input and receives it at the SDH output. The internal mapping/demapping capabilities of the unit allow it to pull out the signal from the SDH virtual container to check for free error mapping. Testing the reverse path verifies the demultiplexing functionality.

The following combinations are available:
1.5M <-> 155M E/O, 2M <-> 155M E/O, 34M <-> 155M E/O 45M <-> 155M E/O
1.5M <-> 2.5G O, 2M <-> 2.5G O, 34M <-> 2.5 O 45M <-> 2.5G O

Errors and alarms can also be monitored and generated at the physical interface, as well as the payload, for testing of the ADM.

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