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Số lượt truy cập : 330450
Số người trực tuyến : 6

Developed by VINNO JSC

  This rack-mounted headend analyzer supports up to ten field units simultaneously in a return path mode, and an unlimited number of field units as a forward sweep transmitter.

The 3010R is a battery-powered portable field instrument with forward sweep, return sweep and signal level meter (SLM) capabilities. It can also function in a headend mode (as a 3010H) for troubleshooting intermittent problems in specific network segments. The 3010R can also make ingress and digital power measurements. An optional built-in optical power meter (Option 020) is also available.  (See pdf data sheet, size: 209KB)


Ingress Measurements

The CaLan 3010R features unique ingress measurements for ongoing monitoring of burst noise, integrated average noise power in the presence of active TDMA carriers, and spectrum scan.

Return Path Alignment and Ingress Detection

The CaLan 3010H headend unit monitors communication with CaLan 3010R field units. When ingress interrupts communication the 3010H instantly detects the problem and transmit a "picture" of the ingress via the forward data pilot that can be viewed on any 3010R field unit.

Sweep Measurements

CaLan products reduce sweep update time for a typical 750 MHz system to 650 milliseconds. Slope offset control of sweep references allows sweeping of trunk and bridger amplifiers and line extenders from a single reference, automatically eliminating the need for true-tilt networks and providing time savings on each field operation.

Digital Power Measurements

CaLan products incorporate a digital signal measurement capability. Adapting to the unique bandwidth power characteristics of QAM, QPR, QPSK, and VSB digital formats to make measurements as simple as reading a number on the display.

Return Sweep

The CaLan 3010R and 3010H incorporate DigiSweep technology, the industry's fastest, high resolution, digital services-compatible sweep. DigiSweep's five-microsecond sweep pulses allow placement clase to digital signals without interference and is compatible with cable modems, telephony, interactive TV, digital music services and Internet communications.

Data Management

  • Data Storage - 90 files

  • RS-232 Data Communications

  • FCC Reporting

  • Parallel Printer Port

  • Sleep Mode

  • HP Printer Support

  • Graphic File Storage

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