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Developed by VINNO JSC


Máy phân tích phổ Video/CATV/QAM.

QAM/CATV/Video Spectrum Analyzer

The World’s Only Spectrum Analyzer
with Combined CATV, QAM AND Video
Measurement Capabilities


App Note:
Testing the
Return Path
with UCT


AT2500RQv QAM/CATV/Video Spectrum AnalyzerThe AT2500RQv 1.5 GHz spectrum analyzer is a high performance, lightweight, battery powered analyzer designed for CATV headend and field portable applications. The AT2500RQv provides the measurement power required for the latest multi-standard 16/64/256 QAM digital technologies, simplifying the worldwide transition from analog to digital testing. With a variety of modular and PC software options, the AT2500R series analyzer can be customized to specific CATV measurement requirements, giving you the flexibility to meet all your broadband test needs.

The AT2500RQv is the only analyzer designed specifically for cable TV applications. No other analyzer combines a full featured spectrum analyzer with a full CATV measurement package, time domain measurement module and optional QAM analyzer and video demodulation modules.

256 QAM ConstellationSpectrum Analyzer

The AT2500RQv features a 1.5 GHz spectrum analyzer offering both high sensitivity and high scan speeds to ensure that all system impairments can be detected. The spectrum analyzer automatically calibrates itself at regular intervals to make the technician’s job easier and ensure accurate measurements over the entire spectrum in all operating conditions. Internal high/low pass pre-selection filters provide improved dynamic range for measurements in a fully loaded cable system.



CATV Package

All CATV tests, including complete in-service RF testing for Proof-of-Performance can be executed quickly and accurately without any service interruptions:

  • Carrier Level & Frequency

  • Hum

  • CCN (Carrier to Composite Noise)

  • CSO (Composite Second Order)

  • CTB (Composite Triple Beat) In-Service Measurement

  • DFI (Discrete Frequency Interference) Measurement mode

  • ICR (In-Channel Response)

  • DOM (Depth of Modulation)

  • Digital Channel Power

All these tests can be performed accurately In-Service with the proper VITS test signal inserted in the channel. The included WinCom II software can then be used to export FCC PoP reports in the desired format.

Time Domain Measurement

TDM mode simplifies analysis of upstream cable modem bursty signals and intermittent ingress for quick and accurate measurements. This Time Domain Measurement mode eliminates the guesswork by providing quick and accurate analysis of complex upstream FSK, QPSK, and 16 QAM pulsed amplitude signals. Each packet of data from a cable modem’s TDMA upstream signal can be captured, seen, and measured using various time domain settings. The TDM mode allows fast, simple, and accurate in-service measurements.

Digital Measurements

The Sunrise AT2500RQv QAM Analyzer demodulates and accurately measures the QAM signals carried through the cable system. It provides the measurement power that field technicians need for the latest 16/64/256 QAM digital technologies and is very simple to use, making the transition from analog to digital testing a breeze.

The built-in digital demodulator makes it possible to measure Modulation Error Ratio (MER), Pre and post Bit Error Rate (BER), Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) and other key measurements.

A QAM statistics logging function is also included to test between 1-60 minutes with date/time reference, storing events of MER, Pre & Post BER, errored seconds, severely errored seconds, frame loss, and system unavailability. Up to 7 days of data can be captured with date/time reference using the WinQAM PC software. 

The AT2500RQv is a powerful tool for qualifying return path performance for VoIP deployments when paired with the CM1000 unit with an Upstream Signal Generator (USG) module. The AT2500 can demodulate the transmitted continuous 16 QAM signal in order to measure MER, BER as well as the reverse channel’s frequency response and group delay characteristics.

For more in depth analysis to determine the cause of digital signal impairments in the forward path, Sunrise developed the patent pending QAM Impairment Analysis (QIA) mode. Understanding digital signal impairments will help you quickly troubleshoot problems. 

QIA mode calculates and displays:

  • Phase noise

  • Noise margin

  • System noise ratio

  • Frequency response

  • Symbol rate error

  • Hum

  • Carrier offset

  • MER

  • EVM

  • C/I (Carrier to Interference)

  • Echo margin

  • Compression

  • I/Q gain difference

  • I/Q phase difference

Digital Features
  • 16/64/256 QAM digital measurements

  • ITU-T J.83 Annex A, B & C compliant (DVS, DVB, DOCSIS, EuroDOCSIS)

  • High resolution constellation display with zoom

  • Statistics logging over 1-60 minutes

  • Return Path Testing and Qualification for VoIP

  • Modulation error ratio (MER)

  • Pre and post bit error rate testing (BER), real time and average

  • Adaptive equalizer display with in-channel frequency response and group delay

  • QAM Impairment Analysis mode

  • Dual band 6 & 8 MHz IF filters available

  • ASI MPEG transport stream output available

Video Demodulator Option

The video demodulator option displays a specific video line and field to allow the cable operator to measure important video performance characteristics in either waveform monitor mode or vectorscope mode.

The waveform monitor mode demodulates and displays 1, 2 or 3 video lines with zoom, markers and various video filters (luminance, chroma and noise weighting). FCC required color and video tests such as differential gain and phase, Y/C gain and delay, depth of modulation, modulation linearity and video S/N (weighted and unweighted) can be performed at the touch of a button in this mode.

The vectorscope display presents color bar signals on the screen with adjustable gain and phase rotation to simplify verifying and adjusting analog TV channel modulators. The vectorscope graticule has targets for red, blue, green, cyan, magenta and yellow for easy reference.



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