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Developed by VINNO JSC

  Identify and locate cable and component failures and faults that contribute to in-gress, leakage and level problems Identify and locate cable and component failures and faults that contribute to in-gress, leakage and level problems in the distribution plant and drop

The Hukk CE4000 provides easy to use TDR functions in a modular solution for troubleshooting Cable TV and DOCSIS Modem installations.

Use the Hukk CM1000Cable Modem Analyzer constellation display, frequency response display, equalizer display and BER test capability to identify problems, then swap to the Hukk CE4000 TDR plug in module to find the problem.

  • Module Plugs into the CM1000Base

  • Quickly Locate Cable Faults which cause ingress, leakage and Level problems

  • Measure Distance, Cable Loss, Return Loss and Total Loss

  • Store and Recall Screens, Plus Download them to a PC

  • Built in cable VOP and Loss files for common Cable TV Coax cables

Quickly locate cable faults, loose connectors, bad crimps, damaged cable, water ingress. Corrosion, illegal hookups, bad in-home wiring and Damaged Drop or Distribution Cable. The Hukk CE4000 Cable Explorer will: Measure Cable Loss, measures the Total Return Loss and compensate the RTL measurements for Cable Loss. Thus, the cable loss is taken out of the measurement so that you can tell the true quality of the connections in the system and the connected components.

Use the Hukk CE4000 to test the cable inside the home, without actually going inside.

Easy to use Keypad

In addition to the four "Soft" programmed Function Keys, dedicated quick access keys provide direct access to Menus for SETUP, MIAN MENU, STATUS, Display contrast and brightness and the Enter key. Arrow keys provide simple navigation along with the "soft" function keys. Alphanumerics are accessed via a SHIFT key for data entry functions.

Easy to Read Display

  • Easy to interpret Icon menus Color Coor-dinated by Function

  • Simple Menus with 4 Function keys

  • 10 Color High Resolution Display

  • Horizontal Scale Calibrated in distance and Vertical Scales Calibrated in dB

  • Reads Total Loss, Cable Loss and RTL after Cable compensation

  • Active Color Marker Indicator  



Easy Setup

Select a cable from the built in list of Cable TV coaxial cables, complete with cable model (by size), VOP (velocity of propagation), cable manufacturer and the typical attenuation at 750 MHz. The cable loss is used to compensate the return loss measurements. The cable loss for the length of cable under test, the total loss and the compensated return loss measurements are all displayed.

The VOP and cable loss may be automatically determined from a known length of test cable and stored in the Hukk CE4000 for future use.

Time and date are also stored to help facilitate the storage and retrieval of result screens.



Auto Test Mode

The Hukk CE4000 provides automatic one button testing, just turn on the Hukk CE4000 and all of the measurement and display controls will be automatically set and the cable tested as expertly as someone with years of experience. The automatic mode is more accurate than manual, since the Hukk CE4000 more accurately places the markers and makes measurements independent of screen resolution.

Next, Zoom and Peak Hold functions allow the operator to step through multiple reflections, "zoom in" on faults and find intermittents.

Manual Test Mode

Manual provides complete user control of the Hukk CE4000 TDR functions. To aid the user, the first trace is an Auto Test. The operator then has full control over the markers, pulse width, vertical and horizontal position and gain.

Store Functions

Store functions provide the ability to save test results to memory and to recall the data at any time. Complete test data is stored and recalled so that complete analysis is possible (not just a bit map).

Compare Mode

Recalled displays may be compared to current tests and analyzed for changes over time. Compared results may also be stored.

Ordering Information

Hukk CE4000 Cable Explorer TDR Module only
Accessories: Operator's manual, spare connectors and Training CD included with module.

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